Waterfront and Townscapes

Waterfronts fascinate me for the buildings rising up from the quayside, mirrored by reflections in the sea. There are so many small details of interest to be found in towns and harbours.


Living in close proximity to the Common, I have always enjoyed walking through woodland; the feeling of being surrounded by trees and often spotting a path that entices towards an unknown destination. The light through the trees is for ever changing with the time of day, weather conditions and seasons. This leads to different senses of experience and atmosphere.

Still Life

Finding objects of different shape, texture and colour, leads me to experiment with group or single still life compositions. I often find that this gives scope for semi-abstract designs. Simplified boats, pears, pots and jugs feature prominently!


Here I am mapping the journey through life. Items from nature provide metaphors for human experience from emergence from an egg, through change in a cocoon, to escape of the soul on the wings of a butterfly at the end of life.